Yes, with a friendly economy, Kwon Ari. Kwon, Park Hyeon-seok Anchor also went on vacation, I think the vacation season is at its peak. Is there any way I can go a little cheaper even when I go?


There are some who have already left like Park Anchor, but this week and next week there are many vacationers.

First, if you rent a car and make a domestic trip.

If you go to Jeju Island, or go home with your parents, relatives or friends, there are a lot of people who rent a ten-seater vans, usually with a car rental company.

The cost varies depending on which car you are in. However, the average premium for domestic mid-sized cars is more than 10,000 won per day. The more expensive cars and big cars are more than two to 30,000 won per day. It's burdensome.

If you have your own car and do not have to sign up for this, you should contact this person first.

My rental car is not my car, but I can insure my car insurance. There are companies that can easily join with insurance companies' mobile apps, and some companies do not have such services at all.

So if you want to know my car insurance first, it is advantageous to take a car insurance for a while.


Yes, this sounds like a real ear-budding story.


At least 50% will be cheaper. As a result of the Financial Supervisory Service's investigation last year, the cost of using my auto insurance drops to one-fourth to one-fifth.

This is because it differs depending on the product and the situation, so it is better to think that the difference is in this trend rather than just the amount of money.

In this case, the premium is the most expensive one day, but the guarantee is the most when the accident happens. It 's better than getting a cheap deal with my car insurance. From here on, it's a matter of choice.

However, even if the car rental company introduces it as a complete car, it is recommended to read the terms and make a decision. There are a few things in the terms that can not be done this way.

Then the fact is that the premium is more expensive than the day's premium. It is cheaper and more advantageous to have a short term special insurance through my car insurance than that. This car insurance There are many people who do not know yet because it has been a few years since the car rental car was born.

So I explained this in detail, when I go on a domestic trip with my car, I drive a lot with my family and friends.

It is also recommended that you apply for a special coupon that will allow you to specify more drivers who will be covered only during the day off. If you do not do this, the third person can run around in my car if an accident happens.


Yes, if this is a long-term rental, will the premium difference be greater? (Yes, it grows.) How about going overseas to travel a little cheaper?


You have to exchange foreign travels, the cheapest way to exchange money is through the mobile app of your banking company.

You can also sign up for travel insurance when traveling on mobile.

It is more convenient and cheaper than joining just before you go to the airport to join.

If your parents are having a little difficulty with your mobile service, please let them know in advance, and if you go out and pay money, you should remember to show them the tickets now, go to the US and Europe, It is best to go and spend cash.

However, I go to places like Southeast Asia, South America, Korea banks do not have much money in these countries. So even if you exchange money with a mobile app, there is a fee.

If this is the case, you can see that my money is the least. You have to make sure that the money is paid by the country.

Before you scrape your card, please do not hesitate to pay in Korean. Please do not hesitate to contact us before your departure. This is the safest. Even if you make a mistake, you will not have to pay in foreign currency.

And even in Southeast Asia, you can not just write cards. There is also cash, but the countries I show you now have the advantage of changing the dollar in my country and getting it there and changing it back into the currency of the country. It is okay to change the Thai money baht directly in our country.

This is because there is a difference in the commission rate depending on how much the country's money is circulated in our country. Most Southeast Asian countries have the least amount of money to do this twice.