The young Emirati businessman, Mohammed Issa Al Ghurair, is seeking to create an Emirati brand in the field of coffee manufacturing that matches international brands and is marketed internationally.

As he believes in the human right to know, and that science is the best way to develop in all fields, he decided to establish the first coffee plant in the Middle East with investments amounting to 30 million dirhams, allocating 30% of its revenues to support education, knowledge and students.

New investment

Mohammed Issa Al Ghurair, the son of an Emirati family that has worked for many years in the field of trade, industry and banking, has a clear business and business footprint in the Middle East and the world. In Dubai. During this period, he succeeded in establishing production units at the highest level of locally produced technology with UAE experience and manufacturing materials, enabling him to access a competitive and diversified market based on knowledge and with the support of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Small and Medium Enterprises Development .

Coffee Factory

Through the «Karam Food Industries», where Mohammed Issa is the CEO, Karam brand is inspired by the hospitality of Arab and Bedouin, to produce a selection of coffee products not only looking to the world market, «Expo 2020 Dubai». Through its brand, Karam Food Industries seeks to create a high quality local product at affordable prices by exploiting the factory's extensive production capacity, which is designed to accommodate the company's plans for future expansion and aspiration to reach the markets of the Gulf region, , Iraq, India and Pakistan.

Great challenges

Mohammed Issa Al Ghurair told Emirates Al Youm that the challenges facing coffee production, processing and trading are great, but the ambition is greater, especially with the necessary capabilities and capabilities.

He stressed that the goal since the beginning of the idea is to create a global brand in the coffee, starting from Dubai to the world, covering a number of nearby markets.

"Coffee is a popular drink for a large number of people and peoples of the region, but the consumer needs a product that takes into account the standards of good production, especially with the presence of competitors with a history in these markets, so competition is great."

«Stop» for science

Mohammed Issa believes that science is the basis of any development that human beings can aspire to, stressing that this principle is the faith of his family, which was founded by Al Ghurair University, which inherited the interest in knowledge. Therefore, 30% of this project was allocated as a non-refundable Its revenues to finance and support science and its institutions and students.

Smart equipment

Al Ghurair confirmed that he worked with his team hand in hand in establishing the plant, and used his experience in the food industry that he acquired from working with his father and his family.

He explained that the process of production is taking place through the adoption of sustainable mechanisms and intelligent production processes. The principle is not to look at products from a commercial perspective, but rather as a cultural and tourist mission to introduce the culture and customs of the UAE and the Arab countries. Coffee is a story and story told on its side, Bedouin hospitality.

The largest toaster

About the coffee plant, he said that he has the largest coffee roaster in the Middle East with an investment of about AED 30 million. The factory has all the international quality marks, including the ISO 9000 quality mark.

He stressed that he is seeking a global product with international certificates in the field of food security, and uses all the tools of sustainable technology that also preserve the environment for the production of an Emirati brand coffee with international acceptance, because the energies of Emirati youth can not be confined to the local level, It can compete at an international level in terms of innovation, access and excellence.

Official support

He pointed out that the Mohammed bin Rashid Establishment for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises supported the project in terms of access to some institutions that can enter into trade agreements with them, especially government institutions and large companies.

He stressed that the project was self-financed, and was not relied on banks or local banks, pointing out that the plant «Karam» coffee step towards further expansions in several areas of the food industry, including the production of healthy food.

Knowledge and knowledge

The young Emirati businessman, Mohammed Issa Al Ghurair, said that knowledge is the value, and he believes in giving it to those who need it.

He added: «Our project is based on science and knowledge, we build knowledge, and will go to the universal knowledge and appreciation of each author, as we learned from parents and grandparents».

"We have learned in Dubai not to give fish the ready, but to give them a network that enables them to rely on themselves for permanent fishing."