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Active traffic and bookings raise hotel occupancy in Dubai during Eid holiday


Hotels and tourism and travel companies confirmed that the UAE market will witness an active movement during the Eid Al Fitr holiday, with the high rates of tourism flow from the Gulf markets and international destinations, pointing out that flights during this period recorded high occupancy rates.

Hotels and travel and tourism companies confirmed that the UAE market will witness an active movement during the Eid Al Fitr holiday, with the high rates of tourism flow from the Gulf markets and international destinations, pointing out that the flights during this period recorded high occupancy rates.

According to confirmed bookings, hotel occupancy rates will exceed 85% and gradually increase after Ramadan, noting that the UAE and Dubai, in particular, are tourist destinations attracting visitors throughout the year, not seasonal destinations.

Hotel occupancy

"The hotels operating in the local market are experiencing high occupancy rates in light of bookings made for the holiday of Eid al-Fitr, especially from the Arabian Gulf markets," said Walid Shawqi, general manager of True Travel, a travel and tourism agency. Eid al-Fitr from various markets, to reach the highest occupancy rates in summer.

He added that the UAE and Dubai as a global tourist destination, embracing many facilities and tourist attractions that attract families from the Gulf and other markets, pointing out that the cost of the tourist product during the summer fit new segments of visitors also.

He pointed out that there are many promotional tourist offers offered by airlines and travel agencies, including travel tickets, hotel reservations, programs dedicated to visiting leisure facilities, and other tourist activities.

Continuous improvement

Mohammed Awadallah, CEO of Time Hotels Group, said hotel occupancy rates have been improving for a long time in preparation for the Eid al-Fitr holiday, noting that hotel occupancy is usually declining during the month of Ramadan, but with holiday starts expected to exceed Hotel occupancy levels are 85% despite the large number of hotel rooms entering the market during the recent period.

Awadallah pointed out that the tourism movement will generally be active after Eid al-Fitr, compared to the levels during the month of Ramadan, stressing that the UAE and Dubai is no longer a seasonal tourist destination, but a tourism station attracting visitors throughout the year.

He stressed that the tourism movement from the markets of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman, have a significant role in raising occupancy rates.

He pointed out that the prices of hotel rooms will improve with the high rates of demand, pointing out that the hotels operating in the local market has offered many promotions on the prices of rooms and restaurants, taking advantage of the benefits of access to amusement parks.

Family tourism

Al-Abedi Tourism and Travel Company Chairman Saeed Al-Abedi said that the tourism movement from the Arabian Gulf markets is rising to high levels during the holidays and events, supported by family tourism mainly.

He stressed that Dubai is a destination that provides a variety of services and recreational activities to suit the requirements of visitors from these stations, noting that the recreational parks in the country play a prominent role in attracting visitors.

Al Abidi noted that the diversity of air transport services, the availability of seat capacity and a large number of flights make it easier to reach the UAE for visitors from different markets, especially in the Gulf region.

He said that the movement is active during Eid al-Fitr with the support of local tourism as well, which contributes to raising the occupancy rates of hotels, noting that the flights to the country record high occupancy rates, especially from the Gulf and Middle East stations.

European stations

"Tourism is very active during Eid Al Fitr and the following period, especially from the Gulf markets and other European stations, especially Britain, Germany and Russia," he said, pointing out that the UAE has become a tourist destination. Year-on-year growth in tourism flow rates. He added: «Tourism movement during the holiday of Eid al-Fitr is high for the population of the State wishing to spend holidays or visit relatives and relatives, along with the movement coming to the local market».

He stressed that the high occupancy on flights during the Eid holiday period contributed to the increase in ticket prices, especially to traditional regional destinations and stations, as well as the usual tourist destinations to Europe and Southeast Asia.

Product diversity

"The hotel sector in Dubai is currently working with all its staff to achieve the best results and the highest hotel occupancy rates during the Eid Al Fitr period," said Sherif Madkour, general manager of Media Rotana Dubai. , And discounts on room rates sometimes up to more than 20%, with the aim of attracting the largest segment of guests.

He predicted that hotel occupancy in Dubai in particular, and the UAE in general will be between 80 and 100% during the Eid holiday, according to the initial reservations.

Madkour pointed out that these indicators come with the support of local tourism, visitors from the Gulf countries as well as foreign markets. He pointed out that hotels in Dubai rely heavily on families residing in other emirates and Gulf families who prefer to spend the holidays in Dubai , The diversity of the tourist product, and the presence of hotels and hotel apartments, which is appropriate to different economic levels.

He stressed that during the Eid holiday, Dubai is witnessing remarkable tourist traffic both internally and externally, and the number of guests is rising remarkably in the final days of the month of Ramadan to reach its peak with the first days of Eid.


Mr. Habib Khan, General Manager and CEO of Planet Planet Hospitality Group, said that many offers were made in the local market, including three-night bookings and two-night bookings, expecting high bookings during the Eid al-Fitr holiday season, especially for Gulf tourists.

For his part, the Director of Sales at the Grand Millennium Dubai, George Hawi, said that offers were made on the prices of hotel rooms during the holiday of Eid al-Fitr, pointing out that the proportion of bookings better during the Eid, especially on the last minute bookings and markets of countries Gulf specifically.

New markets

Mousa Al Hayek, Chief Operating Officer, Al Bustan Center and Residence, said that the diversity of the tourism product and the attractiveness of the new markets will contribute to the increase in occupancy rates, taking into consideration the large activities and activities targeting the family and children. Dubai.

Source: emara

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