MIERES called Russia an energy superpower

The Secretary General of the World Energy Council (WEC), Christoph Fry said that Russia will remain an energy superpower regardless of the development of international energy.

“I think that Russia has great opportunities. No matter how energy is changed, Russia was and will be an energy superpower, ”RIA Novosti quotes Fry.

He noted the vast natural resources and renewable energy sources possessed by Russia.

At the same time, according to him, in the conditions of growing competition, Russia can still offer the world new technologies for the development of this industry.

Earlier, the Prime Minister of the federal state of North Rhine - Westfalia, Armin Lashat, spoke in favor of more active cooperation with Russia in the energy sector.

REF: https://russian.rt.com/business/news/614702-mirovoi-energeticheskii-sovet-rossiya

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