Benyamin Netanyahu fetches a breath of fresh air in Washington

The Legislative Campaign in Israel is unfolding. Washington at the beginning of this week. Benny Gantz, the main rival of Benyamin Netanyahu, is scheduled to speak on Monday in front of AIPAC, an American lobby ...

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Donald Trump and Benyamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on May 23, 2017. REUTERS / Ronen Zvulun / Photo File

The campaign for legislative elections in Israel is moving to Washington this week. Benny Gantz, the main rival of Benyamin Netanyahu, will speak on Monday before AIPAC, a pro-Israel American lobby. The outgoing Prime Minister will speak on Tuesday. But it will be received this Monday at the White House by Donald Trump. A US step in his campaign during which he should receive support from Donald Trump while in recent days, he found himself once again stuck in corruption cases.

With our correspondent in Jerusalem, Guilhem Delteil

In Washington, Benyamin Netanyahu begins one of his sequences that he particularly likes. Along with Donald Trump, the Israeli Prime Minister will be able to show that he has the ear of the great of this world and that he knows how to carry the interests of Israel on the international scene. Especially as the US president should take this opportunity to formally recognize Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan , territory conquered Syria in 1967.

A welcome sequence as his campaign found itself again stuck in corruption cases in recent days. Benyamin Netanyahu has been under fire from repeated attacks by his main opponents who accuse him of " treason " for allowing the sale of German submarines to Egypt, the same ones that Israel bought from the Thyssenkrupp group , losing strategic advantage to the Israeli navy.

The case became so embarrassing for the Prime Minister that he was invited Saturday night on the set of Israel's most watched channel. During this impromptu interview, Benyamin Netanyahu admitted to having given this authorization without informing the security apparatus, invoking a reason of state. But in the eyes of editorialists, he failed to convince. In Washington, Benyamin Netanyahu now hopes to impose other themes in the public debate.