Stock prices plunge in Asia

The Asian stock market on the 30th of the week has been seeing caution that the spread of the new coronavirus infection will not stop, so that sales orders have spread and stock prices have dropped sharply in various parts of the country.

Of these, in the stock market in Shanghai, China, sell orders have widened immediately after the commencement of trading, and at 11:30 am Japan time, the "comprehensive index" of the representative stock index was about 1.2% compared to last weekend Is falling.

Selling orders have expanded in other Asian markets as well, with Singapore dropping by about 3.6%, South Korea by about 1.8%, Hong Kong by about 1.4%, and Taiwan by about 1.3%.

Market officials say, "While fears that the spread of infections will not stop in various parts of the world, such as the number of infected people in the United States surpassing China, sales orders have spread. In each country, restrictions on the movement of people and going out have been prolonged, The perception that it will have a serious impact on the economy is even stronger. "