[Human Rights Commission "Labour Office, 'salt farm slaves' do not assist with disabilities"]

Mr. Park Young-geun, an intellectually disabled person who escaped from a salt farm in Shinan-gun, Jeollanam-do in 2021.

[Park Young-geun/Salt Farm Labor Victim (January 25 of last year, 8 News): Sleeping for 2 hours a day and sleeping for 1 hour, people should be able to withstand it.

I came out because there was no one in the sea water, so I thought it was an opportunity.

It just bounced off the mountain.]

Mr. Park also filed a petition for overdue wages, but the Mokpo branch of the Gwangju Regional Employment and Labor Administration closed the case as it was without investigating Mr. Park face-to-face.

Based on the 'withdrawal' text sent by Mr. Park, "I received wages and severance pay from the salt farm, and I do not want criminal punishment against the owner of the salt farm."

I didn't properly look at whether Mr. Park was intellectually disabled.

Park further filed a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission of Korea, saying that the labor inspectorate urged him to send the text message.

The money that Mr. Park received for seven years of work was only 4 million won.

As a result of the reinvestigation, his unpaid wages were 87 million won.

The National Human Rights Commission of Korea said, "The Labor Administration was able to find out that the salt farm operator had been punished for imprisoning a disabled person and not paying wages in 2015." violation of the anti-discrimination law."

[Attorney Choi Jeong-gyu/Salt Farm Victims' Representative: It was confirmed through this Human Rights Commission decision that the Labor Office does not even have guidelines for determining whether a salt field victim is disabled.

Even after the salt farm slavery incident in 2014, the labor office has not changed at all...


The Human Rights Commission then recommended that the Labor Office make guidelines for the investigation of people with disabilities and conduct training on remedies for workers in salt farms.

This is SBS Jeong Ban-seok.

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