The suspect, who hid the body of a taxi driver he killed in a closet at his house, stated that he had lured the victim to pay for the settlement of the car accident.

According to the police today (26th), A, a man in his 30s who was arrested for murder and concealment of a body, had an accident with a taxi while driving drunk in Goyang at around 22:00 pm on the 20th.

Mr. A said to Mr. B, a taxi driver, "If you don't call the police because it's a drunk accident, he will give you enough settlement money and repair costs."

Then he said, "I don't have money right now, so I'll go home and find the money and pay it." He brought the victim to his house in Paju, Gyeonggi.

Afterwards, a quarrel broke out between the two in the house, and Mr. A killed Mr. B with a blunt weapon.

Mr. A said in a police investigation that he hid the body in his closet after the crime.

Mr. A's crime was revealed in about 5 days when the victim's family reported missing.

Yesterday at around 3:30 am, a report was received on 112 saying, "My father hasn't come home for several days and I contacted him via message 30 minutes ago, but he seems to be someone else, such as refusing to answer the call."

Mr. A was found to have replied with 'busy' or 'no battery' when messages from his family arrived on the victim's cell phone.

Yesterday at around 11:20 am, Mr. A's girlfriend reported that there was a body in the closet of her boyfriend's house.

The police tracked down Mr. A's whereabouts and arrested Mr. A, who was being treated for a hand injury at Ilsan Paik Hospital around noon.

A police official explained, "We cannot trust the suspect's statement 100%, so we are looking into whether there is any additional crime or concealment."