While a lot of gamers haven't been able to get their hands on a PlayStation 5 yet due to semiconductor shortages, Sony already seems to be eyeing the next generation of consoles.

In a partially redacted document that was made public as part of Microsoft's review of Activision Blizzard's proposed takeover, Sony would have indicated that it was planning the arrival of the future PS6, reports Phonandroid.

No more "Call of Duty" on PS6?

If no date has been specified in the public version of the document, several analysts have mentioned 2027. Information which serves in particular as an argument for Sony to oppose this takeover of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft.

The multinational's proposal, worth 68 billion dollars, is currently being analyzed by the British competition and markets authority.

For Sony, “the transaction will harm competition, industry players, innovation and consumers”.

As such, the Japanese group mentioned the case of

Call of Duty


In the event of a merger, Sony has estimated that by the PS6, i.e. in 5 years, it will have "lost access to the

Call of Duty

license and other Activision properties", which would give an advantage deemed too great. to Microsoft and its Xbox.

Soon a new PS5 Slim

Conversely, for Microsoft, this takeover is a “fundamentally pro-competitive decision, because it increases competition in a market long dominated by Sony”.

For the American giant, the PS5 exclusives would, at present, be better than those on Xbox.

The group also assured that

Call of Duty

would remain on PlayStation for at least another 10 years.

If the date given by the analysts in the document turns out to be correct, the PS5 would in any case have a lifespan of seven years, which is a possible figure, even if several of these years on the market have been hampered by the shortage of semiconductors.

Sony is thus seeking to resolve this crisis in 2023 through the release of a new PS5 Slim model next year.

The latter will have a detachable disk drive.


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