Various events are being held in earnest as the Busan International Film Festival enters the second day.

At the opening ceremony, Liang Chaowei and Yang Zowei, who received the Asian Film Award, and the highly anticipated 'Avatar Sequel', which will open in December this year, drew attention.


Liang Chaowei, the same height as Tom Cruise from 'Top Gun', who visited Korea recently, entered the press conference room, and the atmosphere of the two actors was also very different.

Yang Jo-wi, who appeared with an autumn atmosphere in his attire, erased his sixtieth birthday with his characteristic eyes and smile.

An Asian representative actor, who won the Best Actor Award at the Cannes Film Festival for 'A Flower in Love' 22 years ago, was honored to receive the Asian Cinematographer Award at the opening ceremony.

[Liang Chaowei (Cho Wei Yang)/Busan International Film Festival Asian Film Award Winner: It has been a long time since I have not participated in a grand event, so I was very nervous on the red carpet.

Still, it was very nice to be able to feel the passion of the Busan fans.]

Recently, he said that he thought of his recent appearance in a Marvel movie called 'The Legend of Shang-Chi and Ten Rings' as a relationship rather than a Hollywood entry.

[Liang Chaowei (Yang Jo-wi)/Busan International Film Festival Asian Film Award Winner: If I have a relationship, I am willing to go to Korea, Japan, or Taiwan, even if it is not the United States.]

He also said that he saw the Academy Award-winning film 'Coda', which deals with the story of the deaf .


[Liang Chaowei (Cho Wei Yang)/Busan International Film Festival Asian Film Award Winner: Personally, I really like Song Kang-ho and Jeon Do-yeon, so if I get a chance, I want to do a movie with them.]

John Lando, producer of the sequel to ‘Avatar’, which is about to be released at the end of the year I also visited the Busan International Film Festival.

The sequel to the world's #1 box office hit Avatar makes you wonder if 3D movies will work in the streaming era.

[John Landau / 'Avatar' Producer: I am sure that if a 3D movie is properly planned and made from the beginning, anyone will want to experience it.]

(Video coverage: Jeon Jeong-bae, video editing: Eun-jin Choi)