Before Kim Geun-sik was released from prison, SBS reporters analyzed the status of sex offenders in schools across the country.

About half of the sex offenders with registered personal information live within a 1km radius of the school.

Reporter Shin Jeong-eun is on the sidewalk.


If there is a risk that a sex offender may reoffend against children after being released from prison, personal information is registered in the 'Sex Offender Notification e' according to the court ruling.

You can directly check the name, photo, and residence information along with the crime facts.

It was also found that 4 sex offenders resided within a 1km radius of the elementary school I visited.

Enlarging an image

Parents are amazed.

[Parent: Oh, is it?

I did not know.

I didn't even know it was right in front of me.]

[Jeon Jeong-guk/Parents: Almost everyone takes me and picks me up. In situations where I can't, I come by myself, but when I come home every day, my worries go away.] The

students are also anxious.

[Junior high school student: I have thoughts like 'What if I get hit?' and I avoid it because I am very scared.]

One out of two elementary, middle and high schools across the country live within a 1km radius of a sex offender with registered personal information.

By region, Seoul (80%), Busan (76%) and Incheon (69.2%) account for more than half (66.2%) of sexual offenses against children and adolescents.

The number of sex offenders whose personal information has been disclosed and registered is accumulating every year, reaching 90,000 by the first half of this year.

There are over 1,000 cases of recidivism every year in the order of sexual assault, illegal filming, and rape.

Of the 129 people whose whereabouts are unknown, 7 are in the high-risk group for more than 10 years in prison.

Right now, the field complains about the lack of manpower.

[Police official: It's not enough.

We usually manage 45 to 50 people per person.

Domestic violence, sexual assault, juvenile offenders, and child abuse cases are all done.]

[Chun Jun-ho / National Assembly Administrative Safety Committee member: We are making efforts to reduce recidivism of sexual crimes by greatly expanding the police force and to create an environment where residents can feel safe…


It is pointed out that it is urgent to come up with measures to manage the increasing number of sex offenders so that there are no more recidivism victims.

(Video coverage: Lee Sang-hak, Video editing: Lee So-young)