• To take full advantage of your balcony or terrace this summer, remember to take care of the lighting!

  • Design and often connected, allowing to personalize its atmospheres, different lighting systems invite you to idleness.

  • From the simple lantern to the garland, passing through sconces and floor lamps, the solutions are numerous, decorative and original.


To transform balconies and terraces throughout the summer, many lighting systems are there to help you make these places unique.

In these real outdoor rooms where life is so good during the summer season, there is nothing like a personalized atmosphere to share a long evening with family or friends.

For a guinguette spirit: Light garland by Bomcosy

To choose according to different lengths (in 15, 30 or 45 meters), or to extend according to your desires and your budget, the Bomcosy Bluetooth garland is installed in no time and allows you to instantly offer your balcony , or on its terrace a guinguette spirit.

Outside in summer (IP45 standard), or inside in winter to decorate the Christmas tree, it is also equipment that consumes very little energy, each bulb having a power of 0.6 watt (i.e. 60 watts in total for a 15 meter garland).

59 euros (15 meters);

89 euros (30 meters);

109 euros (45 meters), on Amazon.

Our opinion:

Ideal for summer evenings or for a wedding table, this garland creates a romantic atmosphere.

During our tests, we appreciated the possibility of modulating the lighting intensity from its remote control (at 25%, 75%, or 100%).

The flashing light function seemed to us more gimmicky, even useless.

To cultivate your garden: Lightstrips Outdoor from Philips Hue

The pioneering brand of connected lights is increasingly expanding its product offering to the outdoors.

With its Outdoor Lightstrips, Philips Hue thus proposes to extend the use of its "Hue Bridge" on which the compatible bulbs of the house are already connected, towards the garden.

Outdoor Lightstrips embody a decorative element par excellence: to be easily concealed, they make it possible to create an atmosphere, to highlight a plant or architectural element with white and colored lighting that is controlled and programmed from an application.

129 euros (2 meters);

219 euros (5 meters).

Our opinion:

To highlight a path, a post, but also the edges of a terrace or a balcony, Outdoor Lightstrips are unparalleled with their diffuse color effect.

With an outdoor lifespan of more or less 10 years (IP67 standard), it is a good investment.

Be careful though, the “Hue Bridge” connection point is sold separately (59 euros) and the Outdoor Lightstrips cannot be cut or lengthened.

For a party atmosphere: Paranocta floor lamp

To plant in a corner of the garden, to substitute in the evening for a parasol in the center of a table… the Paranocta floor lamp (185 x 15 cm) is versatile.

It can even be suspended using a leather strap (optional, sold for 29 euros).

The device consists of a Led lamp without Bluetooth wire, a globe and a mast made up of three screw-on aluminum tubes.

Waterproof (IP65 standard), battery-operated with an autonomy of 8h30 at full power, it diffuses a white/warm light whose intensity can be modulated on four levels manually or using an application, and offers a surface lighting up to 30 square meters.

Supplied in a carrying bag, this floor lamp can even accompany you to your resort during your vacation.

349 euros.

Our opinion:

This beautiful French creation by the Angevin company Paranocta is worth its modularity, this lighting solution can be transformed according to your desires and take the form of a torch, a lantern... and even be found at the interior during the bad season.

Attention, its weighted foot is sold as an option (79 euros).

To take care of your decoration: Chiarlinuna walker by Nedgis

The Chiarlinuma LED portable lamp (27.8 cm high and 9 cm in diameter) plays the originality card.

Recharging by induction (charger supplied), its cap provides a gentle point of light (15 bulbs included) on a garden table.

In its blown glass globe, it is possible to associate small objects with it, thus allowing you to completely personalize your table according to the events you want to celebrate.

346 euros.

Our opinion:

Imagined by the Neapolitan designer Giovanni Lauda, ​​this lamp is above all a very beautiful decorative object (created for the Italian house Rotaliana).

Distributed in France by Nedgis, its light intensity can be adjusted to three levels.

The mobility of the lamp, using its handle, is a plus, but beware… fragile!

Finally, note that its induction charger is compatible with most smartphones offering this type of charge.

To light up the colors: Plug & Shine from Paulmann

Composed of three stakes with LED bulbs, a transformer and a 5 meter cable, the Plug & Shine set allows you to completely customize the lighting of a path, a flower bed or a garden.

Adjustable, its lamps can thus highlight a wall, a plant, a tree... with a light whose color you choose (from white to coloured).

Responding to the Zigbee protocol, it can find its place in a "connected home" configuration that has already adopted it.

314 euros.

Our opinion:

Despite a not very clear user manual, this kit offers (after some efforts to understand the operation of its remote control), a superb effect in the garden where its resistance to bad weather (standard: IP44) will allow it to remain remains.

We appreciate the fact that each of its three lamps can adopt lighting with light of a different color and intensity.

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