On the 2nd of next month, the Brazilian national football team, which will face Bentuho at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, was released on a trip to Seoul.

The Brazilian Football Association released a video on the SNS of the Brazilian national team, including 'superstar' Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain) and Philippi Cochinho (Aston Villa), visiting the Namsan area.

Yesterday, after visiting Korea at the Goyang Sports Complex in Gyeonggi-do, he had his first training and went on a group tour.

The Brazilian national team, dressed in turquoise team uniforms, rode a cable car to Namsan Tower and took a group photo with a joyful expression before boarding the cable car.

Enlarging an image

The eldest member of the Brazilian national team, Dani Auves, was also caught taking the panoramic view of Seoul on a camcorder while riding a cable car.

There have also been eyewitness accounts of Neymar serving his teammates with ice cream during a tour of the N Seoul Tower.

A fan at the time took a picture of Neymar ordering ice cream for his colleagues and posted it on social media.

The Brazilian squad's daily guide also posted on social media, "Nymar calculated 7 churros ice cream for his teammates."

The guide said, "Nymar showed me photos of Seoul Land and Lotte World and said that he wanted to go, and the players had a hard time adjusting to the jet lag, so they couldn't go to Bukchon, which they were scheduled to visit after Namsan."

(Photo = Brazil Football Association Twitter capture, Yonhap News)