While the entire United States was in shock from a series of mass shootings, an unidentified man broke into the screen and pointed a gun at the camera during a live street news broadcast on a Chicago area broadcaster.

According to the police announcement on the 26th (local time), this happened while Fox News affiliate 'Fox 32 Chicago' was running a program called 'Good Morning Chicago' at 7 am the previous day.

As senior Chinese journalist Johnny Rum was delivering live news about gun violence near an intersection in downtown Chicago, a black man in a dark gray hoodie suddenly appeared on the screen, staring directly behind Rum, pointing his gun at the camera. The scene of slowly disappearing was broadcast live.

The suspect walked away from the scene, then turned around and raised his gun again.

Surprised viewers called the station to express their concerns about whether any of the staff members were harmed, and local media reported that the police were also flooded with calls.

The production team said, "All the on-site staff were very surprised, but fortunately, all of them are safe."

Police said, "We are tracking the suspect by applying the charges of aggravated assault, but we have not yet been able to identify the identity of the suspect."

Police estimate the suspect to be between 18 and 25 years old based on the impression of the suspect caught on CCTV near the scene.

In this regard, The New York Post reported that "Chicago, the third largest city in the United States, is suffering from gun violence stemming from a power struggle between criminal gangs (gangs)."

"On the 19th, there was a mass shooting that sparked a personal emotional battle near a famous shopping street called 'Magnificent Mile', killing 2 people and injuring 7 people." He added that the shooting rate in downtown Chicago has soared by up to 225% this year.

(Photo=Chicago Fox News screen capture, Yonhap News)