Zhongxin Finance, January 29 (Reporter Wu Tao) "Thanks to my Mi, I have personally experienced the power of the Xiaomi model in two years, and I have also met a group of young friends who like products and love products. I sincerely wish Mi Mi to go forward, the sea of ​​stars. ."

  On the 29th, Chang Cheng, vice president of Xiaomi, announced the end of his career at Xiaomi in a Weibo post.

  The reporter learned from Xiaomi Group that Chang Cheng resigned due to personal reasons.

The successors of the corresponding work in Changcheng are replaced by internal personnel and are not imported from outside.

Weibo screenshot.

  It is understood that Xiaomi recently announced the Entrepreneur Program, and 18 new core cadres were selected, bringing the total to more than 80. Among the candidates for the Future Entrepreneur Program, executives from the Future Group will emerge.

  Chang Cheng joined Xiaomi in January 2020 and previously served as vice president of Lenovo Group and head of mobile phone business.

After coming to Xiaomi, he served as the vice president of Xiaomi.

  After Chang Cheng joined Xiaomi from Lenovo, the topic continued.

First of all, regarding the dispute over the non-compete agreement, in June 2020, Lenovo took the lead in "challenging" Chang Cheng, initiating arbitration on Chang Cheng's violation of the non-compete obligation.

Later, Chang Cheng denied that the signature on the agreement was signed by himself.

  In September 2020, a reporter from China-Singapore Finance and Economics learned from Lenovo Group that Lenovo requested the arbitration tribunal to return the equity incentive amount, pay liquidated damages for breach of non-compete obligations, and continue to perform non-compete obligations.

  On September 17, Lenovo Group confirmed that, as confirmed by the appraisal agency appointed by the arbitral tribunal, Chang Cheng signed the “Lenovo Restrictive Agreement” signed by Chang Cheng on July 24, 2017 for himself.

  Lenovo said that since the signing of the restrictive agreement in 2017, within 24 months before Chang Cheng left, Lenovo paid a total of more than 5 million yuan of non-compete equity consideration to Chang Cheng.

After Chang Cheng resigned, Lenovo also paid him economic compensation for non-compete.

  But in the follow-up, Chang Cheng remained stable at Xiaomi.

According to sources, this is because more than 5 million yuan has been paid to Lenovo.

However, neither Lenovo nor Xiaomi responded to this.

  In April 2020, Chang Cheng also overturned the marketing of Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth Edition, "I saw your crotch cracked" and "the girls' dormitory opposite" and other nasty marketing aroused disgust among netizens. In the end, Chang Cheng and Xiaomi both apologized.

  Chang Cheng's next stop is still unknown, but netizens have already suggested: Be sure to handle the competition agreement!