The investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing in relation to the fire in the Pyeongtaek refrigerated warehouse that killed three firefighters two weeks ago. We got the radio transcript of the firefighting at the time. Circumstances that appear to be insufficient safety equipment are revealed.

This is an exclusive report by reporter Hyung-woo Hyung.


A fire accident at the construction site of a frozen warehouse in Pyeongtaek, where three firefighters died on the 6th.

The radio contents of the firefighters contained the urgent situation at the time.

Three rescue teams from the Songtan Fire Department, including the late fire cop Lee Hyung-seok, the team leader, were put on the 2nd floor of the warehouse on the morning of the 6th.

Just before being isolated, the 3rd rescue team radioed the second floor to put out a fire, saying that there was not enough water pipe to look up.

At around 8:32, the Songtan Fire Department command ordered the 3rd Rescue Team to additionally search for people on the 2nd floor, and the 3rd Rescue Team replied that the water pipe was still not extended.

At 9:07, the command of the Songtan Fire Department ordered the rescue team to evacuate as the fire spread again, but the three isolated people did not escape.

The bereaved families of firefighters killed in the accident pointed out that light lines were not used to guide the way during the search for lives.

In the firefighting radio, it was only when the three people realized that they could not escape and started the search, a radio telling them to take the light line.

After confirming the death, the Fire Department explained that a 'smart lifesaving device' was provided to the survivors who asked if the rescue team had a safety device, and if the movement stopped for 30 seconds, a 'man down' signal would come.

However, radio transcripts show situations where smart lifesaving devices are not working properly.

When the 'man down' signal was given to two other crew members whose safety was confirmed, the radio contained content saying, "The smart alarm keeps coming out with an error."

The 'man down' signal for the three rescuers who actually died did not appear anywhere in the radio transcript.

It is urgent to check the actual situation and take countermeasures to see if the safety of firefighters is properly secured in firefighting activities.

(Video editing: Hwang Ji-young, material provided by: Baek Hye-ryun’s office of the Democratic Party of Korea)