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today (6th), quarantine rules will be strengthened. Over the next four weeks, the number of allowed private gatherings will be reduced, and the quarantine pass will be applied to restaurants and cafes.

Reporter Lee Seong-hoon reports.

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4 weeks from today, the maximum number of private gatherings will be reduced to 6 in the metropolitan area and 8 in non-metropolitan areas.

In addition, the quarantine pass, which was applied only limitedly to entertainment facilities and indoor sports facilities, is extended to multi-use facilities such as restaurants and cafes.

In order to use the facility, you must bring proof that two weeks have passed since the completion of vaccination or a negative PCR test.

However, it is possible for an unvaccinated person to use a restaurant or cafe alone.

Marts, department stores, wedding halls, religious facilities, etc., where it is difficult to check the quarantine pass collectively, are an exception.

The measures to expand the quarantine pass have a one-week guidance period, and penalties such as fines for negligence will be imposed from the 13th.

Although citizens were regretful about strengthening the quarantine, many responded that it was a necessary measure.

[Park Eun-ji / Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do: It's the end of the year, everyone is happy, and they said that (the quarantine guidelines) had been loosened, so many appointments were made, but more than 80% of them were canceled. I have to protect it, so I can't help it.]

But the self-employed are concerned.

Although the restrictions on business hours were not included in the special measures, it is because of concerns that the expansion of the application of the quarantine pass will hinder business.

[Jung Kyung-mi / Restaurant management: Customers are shrinking.

We are preparing everything, but the customers are not moving.

It comes out once in a broadcast, and it changes every time it changes.] The

government has decided to implement the strengthened quarantine measures by January 2nd next year, but depending on the corona epidemic situation, the quarantine may be tightened or loosened more.