Recently, as the camping population increases, camping vehicles that cannot secure a parking space are flocking to public parking lots. Some people park their cars in places where there are no parking lines and even long-term parking, which causes great inconvenience to citizens using public parking lots.

Correspondent Kim Nak-seong reported.

<Reporter> This is the

Daegu Stadium bus parking lot.

About half of the parking spaces were occupied by campers and trailers.

They lined up outside the dividing line to the extent that placards prohibiting camper parking are disregarded, contact information is hard to find, and warning signs on each vehicle are useless.

[Public parking lot users: There is no place to park a car at all. less now. It's all over here. while taking turns Since there have been a lot of complaints lately, I think it's kind of like that (a warning

sign is

attached) now.] The

situation is similar at the Unamji public parking lot in Buk-gu, Daegu.

This place also suffered from the problem of parking for campers. Although the Buk-gu Office came up with an improvement plan in April of this year, there are still about 10 campers and trailers parked.

Camping cars registered before March 2020 are classified as vans and are not obligated to secure garage facilities, so it is not illegal to park them in public parking lots.

It is equally frustrating for the owners of the campers who do not have a parking space.

[Camper car owner: I couldn't find any (parking place), so I got it and parked it there in a hurry.

I put it there so it can be moved quickly.

I think it would be nice to have a dedicated parking lot.]

Daegu City also said that there is no punishment regulation yet, so it is still in the lead, but in line with the rapidly increasing demand for campers, it plans to provide a service to secure a parking space for campers next year.

[Kim Hak-yeon / Daegu City Parking Planning Team Leader: We will review some spaces in public parking lots outside the city center so that even campers and camping trailers can be parked.


Last year, the number of campers and trailers registered in Daegu City increased by more than 40% compared to 2018 to 1,330 units.