The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) is investigating whether secret keys of French and Polish QR codes may have been stolen.

A spokesperson confirms this after reporting by

RTL Nieuws

, which reported on Wednesday that a valid code in the name of Adolf Hitler is circulating.

Hitler's code has been distributed by a cyber criminal to show that he can create any QR code he wants.

He says he trades in QR codes and sells them for 300 euros each.

The person has shown to

RTL Nieuws

that he has made some that seem to come from France and Poland.

These QR codes are also valid in the Netherlands, because they are European codes.

The cybercriminal says he can only get codes from these two countries, which raises the suspicion that the secret keys of the French and Polish QR codes have been stolen.

Malicious persons could therefore create false QR codes that cannot be recognized by scanners.

The Ministry of Health also takes into account that secret keys have been leaked.

"We are investigating this ourselves and are in contact with authorities in those countries. We have not yet received confirmation that the keys have been stolen. At the moment there is no reason to think that Dutch secret keys for the QR codes have also been stolen." says a spokesperson.

The Dutch QR code scanning app offers the possibility to block QR codes.

It is suspected that the QR code in the name of Hitler will soon no longer be valid.