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afternoon of the 20th, the search for the red snow crab fishing boat that had an accident in the middle waters between Korea and Japan northeast of Dokdo is continuing for the second day.

The Coast Guard rescued the capsized fishing boat and three crew members this morning, but one remains unconscious.

Reporter Jo Jae-geun reports.


Flare flares over the dark night sea, and a fishing boat appears.

Coast Guard special rescuers try to approach the fishing boat in a high-speed boat, but it is not easy because of the strong waves.

Climb aboard a fishing boat that has managed to overturn and tap the bottom of the boat with a sledgehammer to check whether the crew is alive or not.

A total of nine people were on board the 72-ton fishing vessel 11-Iljin, which capsized 168km northeast of Dokdo during the day yesterday, including three Korean sailors and six Chinese and Indonesian sailors.

The Coast Guard dispatched 14 divers from this morning to search the hull and rescued one crew member from the wheelhouse, but he is unconscious.

Prior to this, around 7:20 a.m., a private fishing boat that was conducting a search operation together rescued two Chinese sailors who were drifting in the nearby waters.

The two Chinese sailors are currently being transferred to the Ulleung-gun Health and Medical Center, where they are being treated, and it is known that their lives are not affected.

The Coast Guard added two additional 3,000-ton and 1,000-ton ships, and 11 ships, including private fishing boats and fishing guidance ships, as well as five helicopters and aircraft, are conducting search operations in the area of ​​the accident.  

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