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A middle school student who was receiving treatment for depression at a university hospital in Incheon fell to his death from the fourth floor of a building, and the police launched an investigation. 

According to the Incheon West Police Station today (19th), group A, a sophomore in middle school, fell to the ground from the rest area on the 4th floor of a university hospital building in Seo-gu, Incheon around 11 am the day before. 

Group A, who suffered serious injuries to his leg and back in the accident, died while waiting in the psychiatric ward to receive treatment.  

Based on the CCTV of the hospital and the statements of the officials, the police believe that Army A made an extreme choice and fell. 

The bereaved family said in a police investigation, "The hospital did not properly manage Group A, who was being treated for severe depression, and the accident occurred." It was reported that he had died.” 

The hospital explained, "When the fallen group A was found on the ground, he was clearly conscious and his vital signs were normal, so he was transferred to a psychiatric ward for now." 

According to a hospital official, Group A was receiving treatment in a psychiatric ward and his condition improved and was preparing for discharge on the 20th of this month. 

A police official said, "We are analyzing the CCTV inside the hospital, and we will call hospital officials as references to check the circumstances of the accident." 

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