Vodafone will be dealing with a malfunction for the second time this week on Thursday, as a result of which some of the customers cannot make calls.

Since Thursday evening, customers can use their mobile data again, a spokesperson for the telecom company said.

The provider confirmed the malfunction on Thursday afternoon on the Vodafone forum.

"There is currently a malfunction. As a result, you may experience problems with calling, texting and using data via 4G and 5G."

A Vodafone spokesman said at 3:55 p.m. that the connection was gradually being restored.

"Mobile traffic is being diverted."

The cause of the malfunction is being investigated.

It is also unclear whether the problems have anything to do with the malfunction at Vodafone earlier this week.

It lasted for several hours.

Error site Allestoringen.nl received thousands of reports on Thursday from people affected by the outage that started around 2.30 pm.

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