A father who lives alone with his daughter.

All he had was 571 won.

I couldn't even order a slice of pizza that my daughter on her birthday wanted to eat.

I asked a pizza restaurant that had delivered it once through a delivery app.

He asked if he could give me a pizza because he would give me the basic supply next month... The owner of the pizza restaurant did not hesitate to send a pizza to such a woman.

With the message "If your daughter wants to eat at any time, just tell me" on the lid.

When this story became known, order bombs were poured into the pizza shop across the country.

Indeed, 'don't chung' has begun.

This content was also introduced through SBS 8 o'clock news.

At the beginning of this month, two weeks after that, I went to the pizza place again.

I also learned unexpected new facts that were not known to the world until now.

In this week's <Who Story>, we will tell you about the butterfly effect brought on by 'Donjun', including this content.

Planning * General Manager Park Byeong-il / Directed by Yoon Taek / Assistant Director Im Jeong-dae / CG Kim Yang-hyeon