How reliable is the effect of various cosmetic injections that if it is right, you will lose weight and your skin will become whiter?

As a result of the investigation by a specialized agency, it was found that there was insufficient evidence to prove its effectiveness.

The Korea Institute of Health and Medical Sciences announced the results of a safety and efficacy study on nine injections used for beauty and health promotion purposes, including the so-called Cinderella injection, white jade injection, and Botox.

Only Botox, which has already been approved for cosmetic purposes, has been proven to be effective, and the remaining 8 types of injections have been found to lack evidence to confirm their effectiveness.

On the other hand, side effects such as rash, edema, and urticaria were found in 7 types including Cinderella injection, contour injection, and Botox. .

The Korea Institute of Health and Medical Research said, 'Currently, there is not enough evidence to confirm the effectiveness due to the lack of literature, but there are cases where the effect is felt in the medical field, so it is impossible to assert whether it is effective or not.' We need to be careful as much as possible,' he advised.