Let's take a look at the typhoon situation.

The 14th typhoon 'Chantu' continues to approach Jeju.

As the typhoon approaches, strong winds are currently blowing in Jeju, disrupting the operation of ships and aircraft.

Let's connect Jeju.

JIBS reporter Hyo-hyeong Lee, a strong wind and rain is blowing.


Yes, I am now in Bomokpo-gu, Seogwipo-si.

As the typhoon approaches Jeju, strong winds and rains are blowing in here as well, making it difficult to open your eyes.

In particular, as the water level overlaps with the high tide, the waves are rushing in enough to swallow the breakwater.

Restaurants and shops around here have closed early from daytime, and residents are unable to leave their homes.

Although the typhoon's course turned to the south and moved a little further away from Jeju, the wind and rain are still not reassuring.

Today (16th), it rained more than 80mm per hour in Seogwipo, Jeju, and a record 954mm of accumulated precipitation was recorded in the Hallasan Azalea Field.

The wind and rain were not too strong, but a strong wind of 40 m/s was predicted.

As the typhoon circulated in the distant seas of Jeju and slowly ascended, about 40 cases of damage have been received from the 13th to the present.

The sea road connecting Jeju is tightly closed, and about 20 fishing boats are evacuated in ports and ports.

Flight operations have also been disrupted since evening.

Jeju Island raises the emergency alert to level 2 and enters 24-hour readiness posture.

Tomorrow, all kindergartens and schools in Jeju will be conducting remote classes.

(Video coverage: Kim Kyung-yoon JIBS, Video editing: Choi Eun-jin)

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