It was only recently revealed that in relation to the child abuse incident that occurred at a daycare center in Ulsan two years ago, there were more than 20 children, not three.

It was later confirmed that there were more abusers, and in the meantime, the children had to live with the abuser teachers for one more year.

This is UBC reporter Shin Hye-ji.

<Reporter> The

nursery teacher forcibly grabs the child's hand and slaps him on the head and cheek.

During playtime, styrofoam balls are thrown at the child's head several times.

This is a CCTV video taken at a public daycare center in Jung-gu for two months from December 2019.

But, it wasn't just this.

Only recently have additional cases of abuse of other children been revealed.

The number of victims has increased from three at first to about 20, and the number of offenders has increased from three including the director to nine.

It was the parents who confirmed the missing damage.

The police requested a re-investigation when the number of cases of abuse found by the police was less than half of the parents' expectations.

[The victim's parent, Mr. A: (Police) saw all three and a half (videos) in less than a month. So when I changed the person in charge and asked for a re-investigation, so many children were omitted.]

Parents also say that the police's investigation method increased the damage.

Because the police confiscated the CCTV, parents, local governments, and child protection agencies have not been able to check the abuse video for nearly 9 months.

[Parent B of the victim child: (The perpetrator) did not resign and worked for one more year. (The child) keeps meeting the teachers, so this is even more crazy.] While the

victim's parents demanded disciplinary action against the three police officers who first took charge of the case, the Central Police Station said that an internal audit of the investigation was ongoing.

(Video coverage: Choi Hak-soon UBC)