The Japanese company Softbank would have stopped production of the Pepper robot,


news agency

reported on


Hundreds of people who worked on the production would be laid off in September.

Three sources report in conversation with the news agency that the production of the Pepper robots was already stopped last year.

According to two of them, restarting production costs a lot of money.


reports that the company will conduct a layoff in September.

According to the sources, 330 French employees would lose their jobs.

It mainly concerns people who were involved in the production of the robots, according to papers.

According to Softbank, the final number of layoffs is not yet determined.

A spokesperson does confirm that several employees from the United States and the United Kingdom recently had to leave.

The human robot was developed in 2014.

Pepper can communicate through speech, body language and emotions, as well as understanding what is being said by the tone of speech.

The robots are mainly used in healthcare.

Softbank previously wanted to become a leader in the robotics industry, but the company now seems to be abandoning those plans. A total of 27,000 Pepper robots are said to have been produced.