Several elements suggest that the next major update of Windows 10 would in fact be a brand new version of Microsoft's operating system, Windows 11. The Redmond firm is indeed preparing to unveil the successor to Windows 10, when it is released. 'a conference on June 24th.

What to wonder about the future of Windows 10.

Introduced in 2015, Windows 10 was heralded as a major turning point in the history of Microsoft operating systems.

The fragmentation of Windows versions in fact left room for a continuously updated version for free, like iOS and Android.

After 6 years of good and loyal service, the current Microsoft OS is therefore preparing to be replaced by a new version.

However, if Microsoft does present a new operating system on June 24, that does not mean the killing of Windows 10.

Time to see it coming

The fact is that if the American firm unveils its new OS this month, it will certainly be necessary to be patient before being able to take advantage of it.

There is often a fairly long time lapse between the presentation of an operating software and its official launch.

In addition, the two operating systems will be able to coexist without problem for several years, while users take the plunge.

Moreover, according to the Windows 10 support page, the latter will not retire before October 14, 2025. The current OS therefore still has a bright future ahead of it.

Note that this end of support date could be postponed - the American firm has already done so in the past - everything will depend on the rate of installation of the new OS as this date approaches.

Microsoft could indeed continue to support Windows 10 after this date.


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