A police investigation into the collapse of a demolished building in Gwangju, which resulted in 17 casualties, is underway.

The Gwangju Police Agency announced today (10th) that it is proceeding with the investigation of the case by upgrading the joint investigation team to the investigation headquarters in accordance with the guidelines of the National Investigation Headquarters.

The head of the Gwangju National Police Agency's investigation department will take over as the head of the division, and the Violent Crime Investigation Team will investigate the incident, and the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crime Investigation Team will review the overall redevelopment project.

After the accident yesterday, the violent crime investigation team summoned 10 witnesses to investigate.

Nine out of ten people are related to redevelopment projects and demolition sites, and one is an eyewitness to the accident.

So far, no one has been charged, police said.

Today, at around 1 pm, we are conducting on-site forensics jointly with the National Institute of Forensic Sciences to investigate the cause of the accident at the scene of the accident and city buses.

In addition, we plan to investigate additional witnesses and, if suspicious points are revealed in the process, conduct a search and seizure.

The Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Investigation Team is planning to focus on whether there are any problems in the overall redevelopment project promotion as well as the licensing process related to the demolition of the accidental redevelopment project.

An official from the Gwangju Police Agency said, "We are intensively receiving testimonies from witnesses, but there is nothing to disclose so far." "We plan to disclose the progress of the investigation in the future according to the guidelines."

Yesterday at 4:22 pm, a building collapse occurred at the site of a redevelopment project in Dong-gu, Gwangju, and a city bus stopped at the bus stop was crushed under the rubble. Nine of the 17 people trapped in the bus were killed and eight were seriously injured.

(Photo = Yonhap News)