A dangerous situation occurred in a residential area in Gangnam, Seoul, where two men threatened each other with weapons.

Fortunately, the police were dispatched to the report of the taxi driver who carried one of them, and a great anger was prevented.

This is reporter Han Sung-hee.

<Reporter> A

man sitting in front of a building is holding a long sword in a sheath.

After talking to someone for a while, another man appears.

The man who approached was also holding a sword.

During such a long confrontation, a man suddenly takes off his clothes one by one.

Two people disappeared from the CCTV screen, and one man returns and takes the other man's clothes.

In the meantime, the police arrive at the scene, and after a brief investigation, they are picked up in a police car and left.

In the densely populated streets of houses with security CCTV installed, the two men confronted each other for several minutes, aiming at each other with weapons.

It was a dangerous situation that occurred around 2 am on the 13th, and the police were able to dispatch on time by a report from a taxi driver who drove one of them.

[Taxi driver: Looking at the back seat, there were two large knives behind me.]

This man was very nervous throughout the ride and asked for a report as he got off.

[Taxi driver: On the way, trembling, he said,'I'm going to fight with gangsters, but if there are too many people or get stabbed, report me.' I brought down a knife.] The

two were identified as acquaintances with each other, but it was investigated that they were fighting over the phone and even trying to engage in a dangerous duel.

The police arrested them on charges of special threats and other charges.

(Video coverage: Gong Jin-gu, video editing: So Ji-hye)