The Fabia has sold fabulously over the 22 years of its existence, 4.5 million units have reached customers.

But he looked more to Fadia, slack lines or tired headlights didn't really lure anyone out from behind the stove.

It will be different in the future.

The Czech brand Skoda, which is responsible for basic work in the VW Group, treats its fourth generation small car to a powerful shot of Becherovka.

The surfaces are tight, the expression bold, if the basic need for mobility is served with such high percentage, then more of it is happy to be.

Holger Appel

Editor in business, responsible for "Technology and Engine".

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    Skoda uses the MQB-A0 modular transverse matrix that is widely used in the group.

    The stature naturally benefits from an increase in length to 4.11 meters, which is no longer really small.

    There is more legroom inside, and 50 additional liters are now available for luggage, 380 can now fit in.

    The cockpit is standard mau with a small screen and for a surcharge wow with digital preparation.

    In general, good money can be invested in fine seduction. The automatic air conditioning controls the temperature in two zones on request, and three more can be ordered for the driver's knee and the rear sides in addition to the six airbags. LEDs light up the street. Skoda likes to boast about parking ticket holders or ice scraper clips, now there are technical tricks that amaze in this class. Slats crouch in the front and close when the cooling requirement is low, improving aerodynamics and reducing fuel consumption.

    Motorized three-cylinder home cooking is delivered, which is available from one liter in 65, 80, 95 and 110 hp. All petrol. The bottom two have to do without turbo, it will be a tired event. A four-cylinder is allowed to play the role of rebel, it has 150 hp and couples its urge to a DSG machine with 7 levels, while the majority of the rest have to get by with five manual gears. The tariffs are still withheld, Skoda speaks of a convincing price-performance ratio. We will see. The new Fabia goes on sale in September, we predict certain difficulties for the competition.