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The funeral of Son Jung-min, a college student who was found missing and dead in the Han River, ended yesterday (5th) in the tears of family and friends.

However, the cause of death is still unknown, and the police are concentrating investigative power to reconstruct the situation on the day, such as securing CCTVs and vehicle black boxes near the Han River Park where Mr. Son was missing.

Son's friend A's forensic work on Son's mobile phone is also in progress.

On the day of the incident, Mr. A is known to have been drunk with Mr. Son and said he returned home with Mr. Sohn's cell phone, which is not his own. It disappeared after the last signal was picked up at the Servinggodong base station.

Police and civilian divers are chasing the whereabouts of this missing cell phone.

The Blue House petition to reveal Mr. Son's autograph has obtained more than 300,000 consents in two days.


I've seen a lot of articles saying that a man in his 40s wields a weapon and killed a passing person.

The reason for the crime revealed by the suspect was that he refused the request to lend him 1,000 won.

On the evening of the 4th, around 7 o'clock in the evening, an ambulance and a police car in a residential area in Gangdong-gu, Seoul, came one after another, and an ambulance immediately left with a man loaded on a stretcher.

This man, a neighbor, was stabbed by a weapon wielded by him. He was taken to the hospital, but he died.

The suspect was Jeong-mo in her 40s, who lives only 10m from the victim's house, and he did not know anything about the victim.

In a police investigation, Jung asked the victim to only ask for 1,000 won, but when he did not give it, he stated that he committed the crime on the spot.

The police confirm that Mr. A has a psychiatric history and are investigating the exact details of the crime.


Not long ago, a Korean-American sister who runs a liquor store in the United States was brutally assaulted by a bully, and I read a lot of articles that the perpetrator was confirmed to have committed a wrongdoing at another Korean-American store just before the crime.

A Korean-American woman in a liquor store in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, tries to close the store, and a man with a blunt comes in and strikes his head.

When another woman intercepts me, this woman also smashes. The suspect is 50-year-old Daryl Doyles, and the police arrested the man on charges of simple assault.

However, it was confirmed that the suspect initiated a riot at another Korean-American liquor store about 30m away from here prior to the assault.

The driver said that he went into the store and suddenly kicked the counter and cursed the owner who stopped it.

The Korean Association of Maryland said that the serial assault case should not be treated as a simple assault case because it is an obvious Asian hate crime, and it will appoint an attorney to respond strongly.