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man who served as a member of the National Assembly three times as a member of the ruling party became the president of the Korean Horseman.

After taking office, he tried to hire his aide as a horseman, but when the person in charge said it wasn't possible for reasons of government guidelines, he poured out abusive words and words.

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First, reporter Kim Min-jung. 

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Woo-nam, a former member of the ruling party's third election, was inaugurated in February.

In the beginning of last month, just after taking office, he ordered an aide to be appointed as the chief of the secretary's office as a congressman.

Although there was a bylaw of the Association of Horses that allowed the chairman to select staff in the secretary's office, this provision made a recommendation for improvement until June of this year, saying that at the end of last year, the National Human Rights Commission of Korea is concerned about the occurrence of hiring corruption.

When the person in charge of personnel heard this, and revealed their intention to hold back, the last word began.

[Kim Woo-nam/President of the Korea Horse Racing Association: No, why come to the conclusion?

(Human Resources Manager: I reported that there was a problem, but I'm not saying that I can't.) This shit...

You have to be punished for just this.]

He said, “Report the reasons for the failure” without hesitation.

[Kim Woo-nam / President of the Korean Horse Racing Association: Personnel and labor affairs, that person in charge of X-stars, even one such rule properly...

This shit. You know I just played a 12-year lawmaker?


person in charge of HR asked for the opinion of the agri-food department, which is a higher-level agency, and received an answer saying that he should not be hired specially.

When I reported this, these words came back.

[Kim Woo-Nam/President of the Korean Horse Association: Whether it is a government guideline or Nabal, this is X. The legal basis is this child, that horseshoe law first comes first.

(Human Resources Manager: This is our personnel regulations, not the Horse Racing Act) That's what I'm responsible for, Mr. X, you'll be responsible. It's not something to interfere.

It's a bad guy in the world.]

Eventually, Chairman Kim appointed his aide as a member of the advisory committee instead of the chief of the secretary's office.

This is a place that pays 7 million won per month.

The employee, who had endured abusive speech, had to undergo psychiatric treatment for trauma.

[Human Resources Manager (Injured Employee): I made a report that it was difficult or impossible due to excessive demands.

(I) worked since the days of the military regime.

Chairman from Jangseong was mainly the chairman, but there

was no such abusive speech

at all.]

Chairman Kim told SBS, "As a result, it was not recruited, so it is not illegal to hire." I did."

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