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An employee of LH revealed his plans for speculation for the second name, and the messenger content was released, saying that even if he was fired, the land profits were higher than his lifetime salary, and the contents of the messenger were being released.

Moo Jung, who joined LH last year as a new employee, mentions Yeonho District in Daegu in an in-house messenger.

Yeonho District was designated as a public housing district in 2018, and since then, LH employees cannot live.

However, Jung wrote,'Daegu Yeonho district will rise unconditionally, so I am preparing for joint investment with my brother's friends.'

Explain that it is because you need a name because you cannot buy LH land in the name of yourself or your family.

As for the reason for this illegal speculation, even if it is cut off by this, the reason is that the land profit is more than the money the company makes for a lifetime anyway.

Mr. Jung also recommended other redevelopment areas, saying that the places that were not approved for management disposition cost less, but the LH employee who reported the information said that speculation for vehicle names or preliminary speculation is done in secret, and it is not at all strange within the company. Said.

In response, Jung may have said such a story, but the article said that it was a joke and denied the fact, saying that he had never bought or sold the Yeonho district.


I've seen many articles saying that it is a violation of the quarantine regulations to find a cafe with more than 5 people and only share seats, but it is not easy to lead to an actual crackdown even if a report is made.

The number of reports of violations of the collective prohibition received through the safety newspaper app and homepage of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security was 33,000 this year alone.

However, it takes at least 2-3 days for the report to be transferred to the local government, and even if it is delivered, it is difficult to confirm the violation because the official in charge does not have the authority to see the CCTV. There is.

One autonomous district enforcement official said, "Even if the reporter uploads a photo or video on the safety report, if the official does not directly verify the identity of the party and secure the statement, administrative disposition is not possible. It can be said that it can be done."


There was also a lot of interest in the article that the number of people addicted to stock investment is increasing significantly.

A year ago, a man in his 30s who has been looking for a gambling addiction counseling center has been receiving counseling for stock investment addiction rather than gambling.

Eventually, they lost their families, and in the KOSPI 3,000 era, the number of people who have fallen into this stock addiction is increasing rapidly.

On the bulletin board of the gambling counseling center, there are lines of investors saying'I lost more than 300 million money' and'I want to quit stock', and the number of stock addiction counseling has increased by more than 50% in a year.

In particular, counseling in their 20s and 30s has increased.

The most common appearance before leading to addiction is single-shot trading. Because of the severe symptoms of men in their twenties, the transaction was the most, but it was said that the yield was in the last place at 3%.

To avoid this addiction, the article advised to make an investment that fits your abilities and to avoid high expectations.