Even though there was a snow forecast, yesterday (1st) the road in Gangwon area was a mess.

Even the snow removal vehicle was tangled or isolated in the vehicle, so the snow removal could not be done in time.

As a result, the drivers directly scooped snow and towed the vehicle.

Next, reporter Lee Hyun-young will report.


[Pull, go more!

go more!

Step on

it!] As


step on the

accelerator pedal of a four-wheeled motorcycle, the vehicle buried in the snow gradually pulls out.

Members of the motorcycle club mobilized four-wheeled motorcycles for towing work.

The snow is shoveled from the vehicle, and several drivers unite to push the vehicle.

As the snowplow did not arrive on time, drivers who were trapped on the highway for several hours cleared the snow and towed the vehicle.

[Sindongseong: Look Ona never heard once the road has and continues to shovel it up little by little waves haenwatneunde ready itgekkeum (vehicle) to be raised as (snow) cars -

snow vehicles did stranded between the isolated normal vehicle

[ Daewoo Kwon/Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi: The snowplow is behind and behind us.

The snowplow can't go forward, too.] With

the help of general vehicle drivers, I managed to get out of the snow.

[Moon Ji-woong/Cheonan City, Chungnam: A snowplow appears late and tries to pass by, but since all the vehicles in front are isolated, citizens step out to send a snowplow to rescue the blocked, isolated vehicles...

.] The

Korea Expressway Corporation acknowledged that snow removal vehicles were entangled with ordinary vehicles, making it impossible to remove snow removal, and explained that snow removal vehicles were put in the opposite direction after 8 PM.