Huawai founder Ren Zhengfei said on Tuesday that "no" US company has expressed interest in the Chinese telecom maker's offer to buy the knowledge of its 5G technology.

Huawei made the offer in September 2019. The deal would give the buying party access to the patents, licenses, source code and blueprints of Huawei's 5G technology.

The move should ensure that suspicions about Chinese espionage disappear.

The United States is accusing Huawei of enabling espionage through its telecom equipment.

There is no public evidence for this, but the US has placed Huawei on a blacklist.

American companies are therefore not allowed to do business with the Chinese manufacturer.

Among other things, it has led to Huawei having to sell its department that makes Honor smartphones.

A company that would buy a copy of Huaweis 5G technology could further develop it itself, was the reasoning, leaving Beijing with no influence on the technology.

The current lack of interest does not mean that the offer has been canceled, said Zhengfei.

Companies can still turn to Huawei to get their hands on 5G technology.


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Huawei founder hopes for business ties with US

The company founder also says he hopes that the new US administration of President Joe Biden will take an open stance, so that US companies - including chip suppliers - can sell products to Huawei again.

Within a week of the arrival of its new resident, the White House called Huawei a security risk to the US and its allies.

Zhengfei says he is open to a phone call from the new US president.