Investigators continue to look into the murderous journey of the man suspected of three murders between Drôme, Ardèche and Alsace.

During a search, they discovered letters resembling farewell letters.

The suspect probably intended to end his life.

Two farewell letters were discovered during searches at the Nancy home of Gabriel Fortin, the alleged murderer of a HRD and an employee of Pôle Emploi in Drôme and Ardèche, we learned on Sunday. police source, confirming information from the

Journal du Dimanche


These two letters were discovered by the judicial police of Nancy during searches carried out Thursday, on delegation of the PJ of Lyon.


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The letters are addressed "to relatives", including the mother of the suspect, said this source.

The "content" of the writings makes it possible to "deduce" the author's desire to end his life.

Gabriel Fortin, an unemployed engineer of 45, hitherto unknown to the judicial services, was indicted on Saturday for assassinations and placed in pre-trial detention.

A link with the Haut-Rhin murder?

He coldly shot an employee of the Pôle Emploi de Valence agency on Thursday, before continuing his bloody journey a few kilometers away, in Guilherand-Granges (Ardèche), where he killed the HRD of the Faun company, of which he had been fired in 2010. He was later arrested by the police while trying to flee while driving his car.


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According to a source close to the investigation, the police also established a link between these facts and the murder on Tuesday of a human resources manager at the Knauf company in Wolfgantzen (Haut-Rhin), and the robbery. army, the same day in Wattwiller (Haut-Rhin), of a man, HRD at General Electric.

This link has not yet been confirmed by the public prosecutor of Valence, Alex Perrin, or by his counterparts in Mulhouse and Colmar.

"A ballistic expertise will be carried out and will perhaps make it possible to confirm it", had announced Friday to AFP the prosecutor of Colmar, Catherine Sorita-Minard.