Today (24th) was also a Sunday when face-to-face religious events were possible in 6 weeks.

Although many churches have adhered to the number of congregations and adhered to quarantine regulations, violations have also been detected in some religious facilities.

In Gwangju, there were 18 confirmed cases related to a church.

This is reporter So Hwan-wook.


[This is normal.]

This church, which can accommodate 700 members at the same time, has resumed face-to-face worship for 55 people who applied in advance.

[Yom Jeong-cheol/Church Elder: Call the people who will attend the service in advance and make a plan for the number of people...


Congregation members also flocked to Sarangjeil Church, which was a problem due to the COVID-19 group infection.

The first Sunday when religious events became possible in person in 6 weeks.

Only 10% of the seats in the metropolitan area and 20% of the non-metropolitan areas can attend.

There were many places that followed the quarantine rules, but three religious facilities in Seoul were caught violating the rules, such as violating the number of gatherings.

[Do Geun-ho/Seoul City Official: Since there are many confirmed cases through small groups and face-to-face activities, rather than regular religious activities, I ask you to continue to prohibit small groups and face-to-face meetings.] At

a church in Buk-gu, Gwangju, members and families Eighteen people, including those who were infected, were infected with COVID-19.

Most of the confirmed cases were students and members of the mission education facility in the church building, and they were found to have been living and eating together.

The quarantine authorities checked the list of visitors to this building, and conducted a full corona19 test for daycare centers and kindergartens operated by some of the confirmed patients.

(Video coverage: Park Dong-ryul, Lee Chan-soo, Yeom Pil-ho KBC, video editing: Lee Hong-myeong)   

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