Amazon does not need to restore web hosting for the social media platform Parler.

An American judge decided that on Thursday.

Earlier this month, Parler announced that he would take Amazon to court for breach of contract and abuse of power after the tech giant stopped web hosting.

Amazon called that claim unfounded.

Amazon said that Parler was taken offline, because the social medium called for violence.

The role that the platform played in the storming of the Capitol was probably the deciding factor.

Amazon had already warned Parler about messages distributed on the service, but the social medium did not respond adequately, according to Amazon.

According to the Seattle district judge, there is no evidence that Amazon has been guilty of a breach of contract or abuse of power.

Parler did not have sufficient arguments for that.

The judge also considered the storming of the Capitol.

"That event is a tragic reminder that incendiary reports — faster and easier than many of us hoped — could turn a legally permissible protest into a violent uprising."

Amazon is happy with the verdict.

"This was not about freedom of speech. It was about a customer who consistently violated our terms and conditions," said a spokesman.

Parler was not available for comment.

The site, which profiles itself as a haven for freedom of speech and attracts many right-wing supporters of US President Donald Trump, has been back online since last weekend.

Until now, the platform cannot be used.