Yesterday (19th), there were 404 corona19 confirmed one day.

On the third day, as the decline continues to around 400 people, many people are wondering whether the ban on private gatherings with more than 5 people can be lifted before the Lunar New Year holiday.The quarantine authorities say that it is impossible to count only the number of confirmed persons. The ban meant to keep.

Reporter Park Soo-jin on the report.


Yesterday, the number of corona19 confirmed patients rose to 400 again, but the modest decline in the third pandemic has been maintained.

The average number of confirmed cases in Korea for the last week was 445.1, a 25% decrease from 593.3 last week.

In order to reduce the distance between the metropolitan area 2.5 steps to 2 steps, it must be reduced to 400 people.

In this situation, citizens' movement over the weekend increased 13.3% in the metropolitan area and 20.2% in the non-metropolitan area compared to Jeonju.

Since then, the amount of movement can be increased as it is possible to use cafe stores and operate indoor sports facilities.

[Yoon Tae-ho / Head of the Central Accident Control Headquarters: It is not yet in a situation where you will be alert, and if you are vigilant, there is a risk that the outbreak may grow again at any time.] Even if the

Lunar New Year holiday is approaching three weeks in the future, we will ease the distancing right away. That's why you can't.

The government also drew a line that it will not lift the ban on private gatherings with more than five people, only considering the decrease in the number of confirmed cases.

[Yoon Tae-ho/Head of the Central Accident Control Headquarters: Rather than a measure to be taken in conjunction with the number of confirmed cases, it is a matter to be decided through a general judgment on how much the third outbreak lasts and what risk factors exist.]

Meanwhile, former President Park Geun-hye, who had been in close contact with an employee who was diagnosed with corona at the Seoul Detention Center, received a negative test.

The correctional authorities plan to move former President Park to an external hospital and take quarantine measures to prevent infection.

(Video coverage: Min-cheol Kim, Video editing: Sun-tak Kim, CG: Jun-ho Lee)  

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