Parler, the social media service popular with supporters of US President Donald Trump, is offline after Amazon discontinued web hosting of the site.

The social medium would have been used to incite violence.

For example, users would have been urged to storm the US Capitol by supporters of Trump last Wednesday.

Amazon had already warned Parler that web hosting would be discontinued if it did nothing to combat the violent content.

Apple announced on Sunday that it had removed the social medium from the App Store.

Parler was pulled from the Play Store by Google on Friday for the same reasons.

Alternative to Twitter

Parler was launched in 2018 as an alternative to the Twitter app.

Trump supporters, among others, use the social medium because they feel that other social media are being silenced.

The medium has ten million subscribers and four million active users.

Trump has 2.3 million followers on Parler.

Parler founder John Matze once said that as a platform, Parler is not responsible for all messages posted by users.