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Ministry of Justice is paying great attention to securing the procedural legitimacy and fairness of the Yoon's disciplinary committee after the presidential order yesterday (3rd).

Meanwhile, at the National Assembly today, the screen of the mobile phone of the new Attorney General Lee Yong-gu was photographed on the camera, and controversy over the content is growing.

Reporter Won Jong-jin covered it.


This is the mobile phone screen of Deputy Justice Lee Yong-gu who attended the judiciary committee of the National Assembly this afternoon.

At the Telegram group chat room, Justice Minister Jo Doo-hyun, a policy adviser, sent an article stating that Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol has filed an unconstitutional lawsuit against the Prosecutor's Disciplinary Act and asks if there is any impact on the disciplinary committee.

Then, Vice Minister Lee replied that it seems to be a handshake, and that the person who is not confident in reality is the way to choose.

The controversy is the next conversation.

The person Lee Jong-geun saved under the name of "Lee Jong-geun 2" replied "Your vice-minister."

When this fact became known, there was a controversy over whether the Chief of the Supreme Prosecutor's Office, Lee Jong-geun, was in the chat room.

This is because, in the past prosecution's internal network, Lee wrote his name'Jong-geun Lee 2'to distinguish him from his senior prosecutor with the same name.

Therefore, criticism from both inside and outside the prosecutor's office that the chief of the detective chief of the Supreme Prosecutor's Office, the chief prosecutor general's staff, communicated with the Ministry of Justice.

Then, the Ministry of Justice explained that the person stored as Lee Jong-geun 2 was the wife of General Manager Lee Jong-geun and Prosecutor Park Eun-jung, an inspector in charge of the Ministry of Justice.

[Lee Yong-gu/Vice Minister of Justice: (Lee Jong-geun 2 of the chat room) Park Eun-jung is in charge.

(In charge of Park Eun-jung, but Lee Jong-geun...) In the past, when I was an assistant, manager Lee Jong-geun called me.

So I asked,'Is Lee Jong-geun manager two cell phones?'

And saved it as'Lee Jong-geun 2.']

Director Lee Jong-geun also expressed his position that the person could not be himself.

An explanation came out, but the controversy did not subside.

Even if the person in charge of'Lee Jong-geun 2'is in charge of Park Eun-jung, it was pointed out whether it is fair for Park in charge of the disciplinary claimant to discuss the same role as the prosecutor and Lee, who acts as a judge as a disciplinary committee before the disciplinary committee opens.

(Video editing: Wonhee Won)