Man Ji-won, who was sentenced to imprisonment for distortion of the May 18 history, published a book that distorted the May 18 again while he was not arrested.

According to the May 18 Memorial Foundation on the 2nd and the 3 organizations in May (bereaved families, injured associations, and restrained injuries), Ji published a book titled '475 Azaleas from Arirang Mudeungsan in North Korea' in June.

It is known to contain false claims that the North Korean military intervened in the May 18 Democratization Movement.

Ji has already been fined 1 million won in two years in prison for defamation and other charges after alleging similar content in February.

It is accused of slandering innocent citizens, claiming that the people photographed during the May 18 Democratization Movement were referred to as North Korean soldiers, aka'Kwangsoo'.

At the time, the judge said, "The people in the picture that Mr. Ji pointed out as'Kwangsoo' are (5·18) victims who are not North Korean special forces or high-ranking people." Explained.

In particular, he pointed out that "Mr. Ji's actions are not to reveal the historical truth about the May 18 Democratization Movement, but rather to degrade the historical significance and value of May 18."

However, the court sentenced Ji-san for being old, but did not imprison him in court.

Unlike a probation or bail decision, which can attach conditions, in the case of an unusual'unrestricted jail sentence', even if the same crime is committed again, it cannot be arrested again based on the judgment of the first trial.

This means that the court provided the clues that Mr. Ji could continue to distort the May 18 act.

The prosecution appealed immediately after the judgment of the first trial, but the first trial took place last month after eight months.

An official from the 5·18 group pointed out that “if the first trial had arrested Mr. Ji, the subsequent distortion would not have occurred.” “The court that gave Mr. Ji preferential treatment rather than preferential treatment is ultimately responsible for the May 18 distortion.” .

The May 18 organization also applied for a temporary injunction to ban the publication and distribution of Ji's books with the help of lawyers from the Gwangju Jeonnam Branch, a lawyers meeting for a democratic society.

We will also file a lawsuit for defamation and damages against Mr. Ji.