A new unit of the Army that has collected large-scale data on Dutch society during the corona crisis in recent months must temporarily stop doing so.

This is what Minister of Defense Ank Bijleveld informs the House of Representatives.

This is the experimental Land Information Maneuver Center (LIMC), which started work in March.

NRC Handelsblad

released the news two weeks ago.

According to the newspaper, the unit also looked at the behavior of groups such as Virus madness.

The Lower House then demanded clarification from Bijleveld.

The Ministry of Defense then announced that the LIMC's working method would be scrutinized by the Defense Data Protection Officer.

This internal supervisor will check whether the unit has complied with the privacy rules.

That research should be ready early next year.

"In anticipation of the results, I have decided to stop the activities of the LIMC with regard to the collection and analysis of information," Bijleveld wrote on Friday.

Defense said in response to the publication of


that the unit has not violated any rules.

Defense, unlike the police, is not allowed to collect personal data from open sources under certain conditions.

"The use of open sources for the performance of tasks in which no personal data are processed is allowed," said the minister.

Civil authorities have not invoked the LIMC in recent months, she says.