The Trou story game is now available in a physical version.


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  • The

    Trou Story


    , created by two people from Lille, has been downloaded more than 3,000 times.

  • Its designers decided to release a physical version in the form of a card game.

  • The crowdfunding was completed in just five days.

There is more than the virtual in life.

There's little more than coffee that our smartphones can't yet make.

For the rest, buy clothes, communicate, get information, flirt or even have fun, no need to look up from your touch screen.

It's even worse with the coronavirus epidemic which, for health reasons, makes us favor the dematerialized.

Well, it is exactly the opposite of this trend that the approach of Guillaume Fraybin and Laury Mille, the two Lille creators of the Trou Story game, takes place.

In fact, it was in 2018 that the

Trou story



At the time,

20 Minutes

had also devoted an article to the release of this promising game for smartphone.

The idea had come to two friends, fans of board games, to create their own in the form of an application for, they said, "to be able to do that anywhere, in a bar, for example, with ten, with just a phone.


"It's the game that aims to make you tell anything"

The designers speak of a "game of atmosphere, eloquence and imagination".

From a word, "Prison break" for example, from a question, "You are going to escape tonight, your cell mates are asking you for the plan", a player will have to invent a story in order to guess five words. .

Trou Story

is the game that aims to make you tell anything," laugh the designers, Guillaume Fraybin and Laury Mille.

What to train to compete with

Serge the Mytho


The mobile version, at its level, worked rather well since the 3,000 downloads were exceeded.

Except that for real fans of board games, something was still missing.

“We had a lot of good feedback.

However, there was a criticism that came back: '' it is still not the same as a real game '', assure Guillaume and Laury.

Ironically, the first prototype of the game was made in paper format.

Funding completed in just five days

So, they decided to make a version of their game in the form of a box of cards.


Trou Story

for smartphones being free and ad-free, the designers had to launch a crowdfunding campaign to release their first copies of the card game.

The demand was real as the funds were raised in just five days and the target was almost doubled today.

Trou Story

will therefore be available for the end of year celebrations at a price of 15 euros per box.

Nothing to do with the virtual version except the concept which remains the same.

In the box, the creators added a bonus.

On red cards, "hot words" as they say, "from foul language, or human anatomy".

Amused advice from Guillaume and Laury: “if you want to play with your children or your boss, you just have to remember to remove these cards from the box.



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