El Paquito by John Barrita, by Javi Estévez.

More than 90 stores in Madrid, Valencia, Castilla y León and Aragon participate in the second edition of 'Looking for Paquito', a route that encourages the consumption of lamb

Bars and dining rooms such as Mercatbar by Quique Dacosta, Farcit by Begoña Rodrigo, John Barrita by Javi Estévez and Treze by Saúl Sanz have joined the initiative.

The popular, endearing and traditional

beef nugget of national

lunches seems to have come up with a



And no, it is not the hamburger, but another one as

made in Spain

and as authentic as its own name: the


, the lamb sandwich for which even some Michelin stars bet.

For the second consecutive year, from Interovic (the Interprofessional Agroalimentaria del Ovino y Caprino) have proposed to fill our cities and places with paquitos with the

Searching for Paquito



It is a gastronomic route in which more than 90 bars and restaurants in Madrid, Valencia, Castilla y León and Aragon will offer a sandwich

made with lamb.

The objective: to support the livestock sector and restaurants, encouraging the consumption of this meat and "rejuvenating" it to bring it closer to a younger audience.

The sandwich made by Begoña Rodrigo for her new Farcit store (Valencia).

The starting point is clear: a

leg of lamb - national

, of course - boneless on or in bread.

From there, the ingenuity and style of each chef come into play, giving rise to classic, singular or avant-garde elaborations on village, illustrated or world breads.

Gourmet sandwiches, such as the one that

Quique Dacosta

(three Michelin stars in his homonymous restaurant in Denia) has created for


, the gastrobar he has in Valencia: grilled brains of lamb in Jerez and fried pipe on charcoal butter bread.

It is not the only name of the Red Guide,

Begoña Rodrigo

(in 2019 he obtained the first


for La Salita, now located in an old house from the 18th century, in the Valencian neighborhood of Ruzafa) he also bets on this meat in his brand new


, Open sandwich shop in the old headquarters of La Salita.

Their Paquito consists of a bread roll pressed with butter and filled with lamb meatballs and Indian ratatouille.

Also with a star (La Tasquería, haute cuisine offal in Madrid),

Javi Estévez

prepares it for his brand of

John Barrita


with salad, paprika mayonnaise and smoked cheese (served through Deliveroo).

We are still in Madrid and with the

search for Paquito


Saúl Sanz,

from the




proposes a brioche whose interior


meat cooked at low temperature, tender chives, chipotle mayonnaise and a mix of aromatic herbs (lemon balm, lemon thyme, Thai basil ...).

Proposal by Tres por Cuatro (Madrid), with Japanese-style meatballs.

Even lovers of the exotic can indulge themselves with the



(Japanese meatball) of lamb, harissa mayonnaise and herbs from

Álex Marugán


Tres por Cuatro

, in Madrid's Mercado de Torrijos) ... about a hundred versions (average price: 6.50 euros), as many as participating houses (for example, Casa José or Tripea in Madrid; El Astrónomo or Baat in Valencia; Lasal or El Horno in Zamora or Bar Cervino or Aguas Vivas in Zaragoza) in a campaign that will be active until October 31 or while supplies last.

Once finished, "the idea is that the locals continue


the Paquito", they conclude from Interovic.

As a novelty, in this edition

certain bars and restaurants have the option of serving these gourmet sandwiches at home

(check on the promotion website).

And, for the most cooks, the platform offers recipes for some of these paquitos, which could well be called Don Francisco.

Paquito Mercatbar (Valencia), by Quique Dacosta.

According to the criteria of

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