• Council of ministers Pedro Sánchez calls for six months of state of alarm without control of Congress

  • Curfew .... and other restrictions that you have to take into account depending on the community where you reside

In Spain a new anthem of the pandemic resounds:

the alarm of La Purga


Some neighbors have used the characteristic sound that appears in the horror saga, a siren that resonates sinisterly, to warn of the recent curfew due to the coronavirus imposed by the Government.

The challenge, which is already viral in networks, consists of going out to the terrace, picking up a loudspeaker and setting the alarm at full volume.

On Twitter there are hundreds of messages referring to La Purga, and some Internet users have even dared to put, in addition to the well-known music of the film,

projections with messages

on the walls of buildings: "For home!"

Many have been encouraged after seeing how the challenge has gone viral: "Determined,

tonight at 23.00 I begin to put the siren

of the purge in the window".

"Less 'Resistiré' and more The Purge

The sirens of La Purga also seem to have captivated the networks in Spain.

The verdict of some is that it

is preferable to the 'Resistiré'

that accompanied the applause to the health workers at the beginning of the pandemic.

"Hopefully less I will resist and more this", has suggested an Internet user.

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