It comes with a choice of two economical four-cylinder engines

Honda Accord Turbo .. combines power and fuel efficiency

  • The Accord Turbo comes in 5 different equipment classes.

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"Honda" made a quantum leap in the tenth generation of its sedan car, "Accord", through a modern design that keeps pace with future trends in the automotive industry, in addition to the car's acquisition of "turbo" technologies that made it possible to dispense with the choice of six engines, and the use of two engines. The economy, in four cylinders, combines power and efficiency.

Honda provided the new model of its "Accord Turbo" car with an expanded range of options, as the car comes in five different-equipped classes, in addition to the ability of customers to choose between two options of economic engines supported by the "turbo", the first with a capacity of 1.5 liters, produces power 192 hp, the second with a capacity of two liters and a power of 247 hp.

The Accord, which is the most famous among Honda models on the world stage, also got advanced technologies, whether in terms of safety or driver assistance systems, as well as systems that give the car greater stability, taking advantage of an external structure that was lighter and more solid. Compared to previous models.

"Accord Turbo" shines in its exterior lines, with modern touches, which stand out with front lines that are more wide, wide lamps working with "LED" luminous technologies, as well as daytime running lights that work according to the strength of the light, to continue the modern touches to impose themselves on the level of the roof line that curves smoothly towards The rear, which gives the car more aerodynamic solutions.

The rear lines are plentiful with chrome components, along with the hidden LED lights, with the design of interlocking lights, which adds an aesthetic aspect to the car.

The interior also got a mixture of spaciousness and luxury, which stands out with an eight-inch display, touchscreen, compatible with Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

Safety factors

The Accord Turbo has the latest in safety technology, with a driver alert system when leaving the lane or approaching the front car, two features that work accurately within an integrated system for sensing and radar in the car.

The Accord also comes with a system to control the flexibility of the vehicle when bending and cornering, and assist in emergency braking, and a system for monitoring tire pressure.