A Baby Yoda set at LEGO -


Lego and

Star Wars

have signed a new partnership on the occasion of the release of season 2 of The Mandalorian.

There is no question of a ship here, nor of the main character of the series, but of the “mascot” Baby Yoda.

This secondary character has stolen the hearts of many fans of the

Star Wars



He was also entitled to many derivative objects.

And the famous Danish brick toy manufacturer intends to capitalize on the success of the series with its Baby Yoda set.

Once assembled, the toy will be an almost scale replica of

The Mandalorian's


, about twenty centimeters - compared to 33 cm in the series.

Eye for detail

The set includes 1,073 pieces, as well as an explanatory sheet placed on a base.

The head of Baby Yoda's replica is rotatable, as are his ears.

As for his mouth, it is adjustable.

Fans of the series will certainly recognize the object in the character's hand.

This is the pommel of the phase shifter of Razor Crest, Din Djarin's ship.

A Baby Yoda set at LEGO - Geeko

“When I was given the challenge of creating a LEGO brick version of Baby Yoda, I knew I should arm myself with dexterity,” said Michael Lee Stockwell, the designer of the statue, in a statement.

The goal was to encapsulate the charm and above all the cuteness of the character and so we meticulously chose each brick and included details for her favorite toy ”.

Fans of

The Mandalorian

can now pre-order the toy online on the Danish manufacturer's website.

The set will be marketed from October 30, the release date of season 2 of

The Mandalorian


This is a toy that is primarily intended for fans or collectors since it will still cost 84.99 euros to get your hands on this replica of Baby Yoda.


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