There was a case of assisting a person who was being sued for unreasonable affairs and being investigated by the police.

He was patient until he attended the police and was investigated, but the problem was the'notification of the case result' mail.

Her mother, who received the results of the police investigation in the mail, collapsed and was taken to the emergency room.

I spit out a word of sorry for the angry man.

It wasn't because I wasn't very helpful, but it was because I thought I couldn't tell you that the results of the police investigation would be notified home.

Recently, I have been paying a lot of experience of being a suspect.

For more information, I will have an opportunity to do it after the investigation is over, and today I am going to talk about the police’s ‘notification of the result of handling the case’ first.

** In-It Editor's Note: Attorney Jeong-gyu Choi defends the suspect in the'Goyang oil storage fire incident' that occurred in 2018, and reports the video containing the circumstances of the police's coercion investigation at the time to the media without mosaics or alteration, and is charged with violating the Personal Information Protection Act. It was sent to the prosecution for opinion.

■ The terrifying horror given by the letter “Notifying of the results of the case treatment”

Last week, a letter in the name of the head of the Seoul Yeongdeungpo Police Station, produced on September 3, was stuck in my mailbox.

A letter clearly stamped with the National Police Agency mark.

It was a letter informing of the results of the case that was recently sued and investigated.

I don't know when this system began, but the intention would have been introduced as one of the kind services to save the trouble of contacting the police station to check the results of the case.

However, contrary to the original intention, this system was very unpleasant to me as a party.

This is because I had already been notified by text message that I had sent this case to the Prosecutors' Office, and I contacted the investigator to confirm the result, because the notice of the result that I did not request was sent by regular mail, not registered mail.

We have experienced many of these cases.

'Report cards' delivered to your home, rejection notices, and'health checkup results', etc.

I don't want to share the contents with my family, so I remember the first letters I wanted to find in my mailbox, so on the day when the letter was likely to arrive, the days I waited for a postman who didn't know when it would arrive in front of the mailbox.

But that kind of luck doesn't always come with us.

Again, I had no such luck.

It's because I was in the office when the letter was stuck in the mailbox.

My wife was the first to check the letter.

Fortunately, it didn't happen that I was shocked and taken to the emergency room.

This is because the police investigation process and results were shared with his wife in advance.

In the letter I received from my wife, all of my personal information about what kind of crime I was being investigated and sent with what opinion was written intact.

This letter, which was sent by regular mail, not registered mail, was stuck in the next door due to a minor mistake of those who put it in the mailbox, and if I thought that the child next door came to their house and just opened it, my personal information would have been exposed to the people next door. will be.

However, there is no way to ask the people next door to be punished for secret infringement.

The next day, the kid next door I met in the elevator didn't get me right to tell you what had happened.

Perhaps the child next door misunderstood the mailbox and opened the letter?

Even if I didn't open it, wouldn't I be wary of me by seeing the large police mark in the sender's column?

Of course, my imagination is because I am sensitive these days.

But finally I had this question.

"Is the'Notification of Case Handling Result' sent by the police by regular mail really a kind administrative service?"

■ Friendly administrative service?

Or unnecessary privacy infringement?

For reasons that the parties must send their opinions within a certain period of time from the date on which the documents are served, the notice from the public office must inevitably be served at the address of the party's resident registration.

This is the case with court mails and notices from the prosecutors' office to the person concerned.

This is because the deadline for exercising rights depends on the date the document is served.

However, the notification of the results of the case sent by the police is different from the official document described above.

It is simply an indication of the results, and has nothing to do with the legal effect of receiving or not receiving the notice.

Therefore, it is sent by regular mail, not registered mail.

If so, it would not be a big problem for the parties to choose their own notification method.

You can change the pick up point to an office.

It is not a content that should be delivered to the address for resident registration, even if the person concerned takes the risk of being exposed to all family members and local people.

Regardless of the intention, services provided by government offices can feel like terrifying violence rather than friendly services to citizens.

The system for notification of the results of the case sent to the parties to the investigation-related case by regular mail must be improved.

At this opportunity, through the'National Proposal' of the Kookmin Shinmungo run by the National Rights Commission of Korea, the National Police Agency made a public proposal to improve the system.

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■ The'rights of the suspect' that I learned after experiencing it is said to have learned

how harsh the criminal justice system is for the suspects when the judges were investigated and tried in the case of the Judicial Nongshim.

Some doctors confessed that it was terrifying that the moment when the attending physician gave out and asked to sign a surgical consent form that had the situation (including the possibility of death) that occurred during the operation (including the possibility of death) before he was sick. It is said that his heart was heavy because of the countless horrors he conveyed insensitively.

We are bound to see the world to the extent and depth we have experienced.

The'human rights of the suspect' that were not seen through the experiences of the first client.

The fact that I was investigated at the police station, the result, and the'right to be protected' that I should be able to escape from the notice as a result of fear that precious personal information will be known to my family and neighbors, began to appear when I became a suspect.

As I think that this realization was obtained through the experience of being sued and being investigated for a case of violating the'Personal Information Protection Act', not a violation of other laws, the poem written in the poem of poet Do Jong-hwan comes to mind.

"After all those roads, we have come to this place"

* Editor's note:

Attorney Jeong-gyu Choi is acting as a defense for the socially underprivileged by defending the case of a fire incident at a gas station in Goyang, a case of a migrant woman worker victimized by sexual harassment and domestic violence, and a slave case in the Shinan salt farm. Has been doing.

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